September 9, 2001

I don’t know what’s with golf movies and me! I just seem to love golf movies though I don’t have any particular inclination to play the game or to even watch it as a sporting event :p I thoroughly enjoyed “Tin Cup” when I saw it and today I watched “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and a golf movie has captured my heart and my imagination once more! I won’t even go into the acting or the characterization because I didn’t notice any of it – all I noticed was the story, the philosophy and the game! It is a moving story on so many levels – it discusses life, character, philosophy without making any direct allusions to any of it – just as part of the game of golf. I enjoyed it immensely and my only regret at the moment is that I won’t be able to watch the director’s commentary for the movie today since I have other stuff to do.

Incidentally, if you wrote to me during the last week and didn’t hear from me, it might be that I did but the e-mail never got to you since it looks as if the new ISP that I switched to last week might not have been sending my e-mails out. Or if you got two e-mails from me which are exact same copies of each other, then the ISP is working and you just didn’t write to me :p I’ve been wondering about the e-mail since some of the e-mail that I sent out (I switch accounts and ISP’s depending on whether I’m at work or home …) never received a response. So I sent out some of the recent stuff again today but I’m not sure I got everybody or even that there is a problem …

Didn’t do much in the way of coding yesterday or today since I was too busy playing “Final Fantasy IX”. The more I play that game, the more enmeshed that I become :p I don’t know why I didn’t like FFVII or FFVIII but I really enjoy this game and can’t seem to stop myself once I start 🙂 I guess FFX will be just as engrossing since it is a traditional RPG instead of having all the futuristic/mechanical stuff as in FFVII and FFVIII. Of course, I’ll need a PS2 before that but for the moment I guess there’s a lot more life left in my old PlayStation since I’m still playing FFIX :p

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