September 16, 2001

I am tired … so very tired … Barring a miracle from God, the world seems to be on the brink of another war. Each time we have a war, I feel that we are pressing ever closer to the next big one where the whole human race will perhaps go up in a ball of flame. Grim? Certainly! But a reality and a probability that most of us seem to ignore. I am heartened to learn that there are a lot of people all over the world (and most importantly here in the US) who do not want war and are trying to act rationally and without anger or hatred in these troubled times. Unfortunately the question is whether our leaders are among those who are rational? I’ve heard from people who have said that we should let our representatives know how we feel about the prospect of war but then again the problem is that we as humans tend to keep on hoping that things will work out … till it is too late. So perhaps we should make an effort to let our leaders know how we feel before it is too late?

Of course, I’m am pretty cynical about how our leaders and governments will react to our exhortations because governments are like gargantuan beasts who are unstoppable once they gain momentum. Once they take a step or make a statement, they are afraid to go back for fear of losing face. Stupid when seen from individual perspectives but that’s governments for you … The battle lines are already drawn – the US has issued a statement that they will hunt down terrorism and the Afghan government has refused to take any action against Osama Bin Laden till they get positive proof. Unless one side relents (which is unlikely unless positive proof against Bin Laden is found), the world is likely to tumble over the edge in this game of chicken between two nations.

Incidentally, I found it ironic to discover yesterday via an article in the Boston Herald that Osama Bin Laden himself probably got started on his route of terror and carnage by courtesy of the US government. Is that likely to alter the outcome of the confrontation? Of course not! The US government of course will not admit to any culpability for their past actions and the Afghan government will not admit to any wrong doing on their part because they will say that Bin Laden has as yet not been proven to be conclusively guilty. Impasse …

I guess about the only thing that a normal person can do when confronted by this kind of situation is try to talk to their representatives … we are after all democratic nations, right? But the problem there lies in the fact that while the democratic system is perhaps the best governmental system we have, it is by no means perfect – especially during a time when emotions run rampant. It is likely that any people’s representative will consider his chances of re-election and his welfare when confronted with a decision where some of his constituents are against a war … For is it not possible that the silent majority is in fact for war? Should he risk it when it would be just several thousand (or a few hundred thousand …) innocents in a distant land who’ll get killed? Yes, I am very, very cynical but it is after all people we are talking about and none of us are perfect …

However, humanity has always had hope – it has been something that has sustained us through the darkest of times. So let us have hope once again. Hope that our governments will perhaps act justly, hope that our representatives will perhaps listen to our voices instead of their own hopes or the voices of lobbyists, hope that humankind can perhaps see the dawn of another millennium instead of perishing at the dawn of this one! Let us let our governments, our representatives, the people around us, anybody who would listen know that we do not want a war where any side might only find a pyrrhic victory and hope against hope that they will listen!!

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