January 28, 2003

I actually seem to be back into the thick of coding suddenly and in fact, coded in two different languages yesterday :p The first bit of coding was in C# since I was putting the finishing touches on the CSV reader ASP.NET component that I’ve been working on for a while. I needed to test the component’s new features and so I wrote a demo application and it was actually the demo application which took most of my coding time yesterday rather than the component itself 🙂 I finally got the demo working the way I wanted and was pleased to find that the component worked as it should except for a few minor bugs which were quickly fixed. Of course, after a good night’s sleep and reflection, I have also come up with a few other modifications that I want to make to the component but once that is done, I should be done with that.

The other bit of coding was in Delphi since I finally got back to doing some work on Blog :p I’ve been debating whether I should use Delphi 7.0 or 6.0 for further coding for a while and because I couldn’t make up my mind, I’ve been reluctant to go ahead with the coding on any of my apps. I finally decided that I will stick with Delphi 6.0 – at least for Blog and BlogMan – since I’m not sure Delphi 7.0 will provide any major advantages for those as far as features go. The only thing I had hopes for with Delphi 7.0 was that I might be able to fix the toolbar problems with customized HTML code snippets but now I’m beginning to think maybe it was my own incompetence which was the cause and not a fault of Delphi’s and so am going to go back and look at that code a bit more closely :p

But to get back to the coding I did yesterday, I’ve been receiving bug reports about a “null variant conversion” error (or something similar) from users for a while now but each time I try to isolate it, it disappeared because the user reinstalled Blog or something like that :p I finally found a user (SilverLining) who had the problem and who was able to send me the data. I took a look at the data and realized where the problem was – the digest feature. The digest feature internally keeps track of when the last digest was sent out so that it can figure out whether it’s time for the next digest or not. However, I’d totally overlooked filling the last digest date value when a new journal is created – but the upgrade process would fill the last digest date for existing journals. This is where the problem lay and I’ve fixed it for the next release but for existing blogs this would mean either disabling the digest feature or manually going in and altering the data 🙁

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