January 21, 2003

I tested the CSV reader component yesterday and except for a few minor bugs (which were fixed almost immediately) it worked beautifully 🙂 Of course, the CSV reading functionality is rudimentary at the moment since the component is capable of reading values separated by commas but would probably choke on something which is enclosed in quotes and contains a comma inside. Currently I’m employing some of C#’s built-in string tokenizing functionality but I will eventually have to write my own parser so that I can split up a CSV record according to my own logic. I’ll probably do that today since I kind of like this project even though it probably will not go anywhere further than this since I have not heard from the people who wanted to sub-contract me for a while now. Ah well – nothing lost really since I came out of it with a new ASP.NET component that I know I’ll end up using somewhere or other 🙂

Not much else going on – I know several people said that my last layout was “workable” <g> and I should probably be working on it but too many other things going on at the moment. I really should be getting back to coding as well but there are problems there too – I really haven’t come to like Delphi 7.0 and running Delphi 6.0 and 7.0 alongside of each other is causing certain problems on my system. I probably should either switch to 7.0 completely or decide to stick with 6.0 for the moment. I probably should do the latter since I know that all of the components that I use currently work with 6.0 but there is one hitch – I can’t work on Scope under Delphi 6.0. There always has to be problems – guess that’s what makes life interesting :p

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