January 15, 2003

There is an irritating problem with my hosting server that’s beginning to annoy me – it always seems to be down in the mornings around the time I either collect my e-mail, send out replies or try to publish this journal. I’ve noticed this for about three or four days running and it’s beginning to become a problem. I don’t relish another move but if this continues to be a problem, I might have to move. I guess I’ll wait and see. In the meantime, KuhnDog told me yesterday that he was moving his domain to his own box and that he would be able to host my own domain since he didn’t know that I’d got hosting – that was really nice of him since he’s not getting anything back from me at all in return except for loss of bandwidth. I’m beginning to realize how much of a drain my site must be on his server since now I can actually see the bandwidth stats for this domain :p

I had quite a bit of fun yesterday trying to upload the QBoard project changes that I’d made to SourceForge CVS :p First, I had to checkout from CVS and the network at work was so abysmally slow that it took about two to three hours to simply do a checkout. I then tried to do a commit of the changes I’d made and couldn’t since I kept on getting an error message about not having write access. I’d worked with CVS before while doing the LiteStep project but not with SourceForge and so I went back and did some reading and it turns out that SourceForge gives you write access only if you have SSH authentication and that meant installing an SSH client. I did that and then found out that SourceForge takes up to six hours or more to update your account with your public SSH key and that meant that I couldn’t commit to CVS yesterday. Oh boy, that was a trip and a half but I did learn a lot of things in the process :p

I also worked on the latest layout idea I had for this site. I still am not totally satisfied with it the way I was with the layout for SM and so it’s again here. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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