January 4, 2003

Hardware error – user not found …

Yesterday was the kind of day that always seems to come around when management is unhappy with my work. Now I must say (and this is not a phoney disclaimer just in case somebody from work is reading it :p), I have done nothing nor have I incited somebody else to do anything which resulted in the following set of events. I come to work in the morning and I’m told that one of the editing suites is not working and that it was imperative that we get it working since the program was supposed to go out yesterday for broadcasting and as luck would have it, the guy who normally does the hardware troubleshooting and maintenance (whom my friend Robin and I sort of co-manage) was on leave. So it was up to me to get it working since I was the only other computer hardware guy (supposedly – since I have never really been taught anything about hardware by anybody) around.

It was just some sort of voodoo since all I did was remove the Matrox card in the machine, put it in a different slot and restart and it worked! This kind of thing happens to me often and I have no idea whether I really did anything or if it really was voodoo :p A couple of hours later, the other editing suite breaks down – this time it won’t play sound. I remove the driver and reinstall it but nothing. So I open up the machine, remove the Matrox card and put it in a different slot and again it works! By this time, my stock among most of the people in the company has risen sky high since I’ve been performing miracles :p Of course, it would make no difference to my boss since he wants me out anyway but basically everybody else now have a justification as to why I should be kept around 🙂

That wasn’t all that happened yesterday though – for some reason work kept on pouring in – all sorts of weird stuff. The last one being writing a VBA script to do some data juggling in Excel. So I’m at work today getting ready to do that since that’s supposed to be "urgent" – ah well 🙂

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