September 7, 2001

OK, I am ready to release Blog 5.0 Beta 1 (I decided to call it a beta after all instead of a pre-release because I am not happy about the amount of testing that I’ve done :p) and the Cee 1.0 Beta 1 🙂 A few words of warning though – the Blog distro is pretty huge at around 1.7MB (as compared to the 4.0 distro of around 670k) but that’s mostly because of the dictionary and thesaurus files that have been added. This release will not have separate downloads for upgrade and full-installs but I will be doing that from the next release onwards so that you don’t have to do huge downloads.

If you want to use the < $BlogCookie> tag in Blog, you will need to download Cee. If you don’t want fortune cookies in your journal, then don’t bother with downloading Cee. And don’t expect a really user friendly GUI (or much user-friendliness at all <vbg>) from Cee. It is basically a rough prototype done to see how much user interest there is in this particular functionality. If only a few users want it, I won’t do much work on Cee but otherwise Cee will evolve into something much better looking with a lot more functionality on it’s own – such as being a sig generator for e-mail apps. There is no docs for Cee at the moment either but there is only a few buttons and only one screen to work with so you should be fine … I hope :p And before anybody asks, the Options … button on Cee does nothing <vbg>

I have only included US English dictionaries with Blog … sorry 🙁 If you want dictionaries in any other languages, there are quite a few choices on the dictionary download page of Addictive Software. I have also added the link as a FAQ on the Blog page so that you don’t have to hunt around for the link in the future 🙂 That’s about it I think. As always enjoy the download and let me know what you think!

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