March 29, 2001

Scoping Out a Build

The latest build of Scope looks pretty nifty even if I say so myself – then again, I guess I can say so since the graphics aren’t mine 🙂 sinesolis has done a great job on the graphics and I liked his work so much that I asked him to rework the IE and Mozilla icons too since now they don’t fit in too well with the polished look of the rest of the graphics <g>

The coding itself is complete actually since I put on a spurt of speed and finished all the little stuff that had been niggling me … The tabs now have icons and what’s even better, the icons display the current status of the page – whether it’s blank, loading or completed loading but not viewed. Once viewed, the tab’s icons changes to display the type of browser session for that tab – IE or Mozilla …

I know that some of you must be raring to grab a build by now <g> but I’m not going to release this one till I get the IE and Mozilla icons from sinesolis – so look for a release some time tomorrow … but then again, it might be today too 🙂

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Pray for a Child

Why is it that it is the young and the innocent who suffer the most in this world? Or is it that we notice the suffering of the young more than we notice the suffering of adults? Whatever the case maybe, I heard a little while ago from a friend of mine that his two year old nephew is suffering from Leukemia 🙁

I love children and believe that they are the most precious part of humanity. I wish I could do something for little Malachi Aaron but other than to pray for his return to good health, there is nothing much I can really do. I do however believe in the power of the prayers of people who wish good for somebody and so I do ask anybody who’s reading this to say a little prayer for Aaron as well. Thank you!

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