March 28, 2001

More Scope

I guess I should stop making predictions as to Scope release dates 🙂 I just managed to complete work on the min/restore/close buttons for maximized MDI windows and I thought it was going to take me a couple of days! Of course, the code’s not complete at the moment since in the process I managed to introduce a minor bug – if you click on the minimize button for a maximized MDI window, the window doesn’t minimize, it restores … The problem’s basically in the approach I took to solving this particular issue and I guess I’ll have to go back and do some tweaking but not today.

I’m wondering whether to release another pre-release of Scope or to make the next release the 1.0 final since I’ve changed a lot of code since the last release. None of the code actually translates to new features but I’ve changed the way a lot of things are implemented and it is inevitable that I’ve also introduced some new bugs. I’d rather make the next release, call it the 1.0 final and go on to work on the next release but I will probably end up doing another pre-release first since I hate releasing buggy software as a final product. Oh well …

The good news is that the next release will have some form of icon display for the tabs, the min/restore/close buttons for maximized MDI windows, a bug fix for something that only one user has reported – garbling of menus when Favorites are refreshed .. or rather the menu skips over to the next one <g> Hmm … I think that’s about it … It’ll still probably be the weekend before a release is ready but you never know 🙂

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I just received a very nice e-mail from Dr. Clarke in response to the e-mail I sent him after watching the Oscars 🙂 I really didn’t expect him to respond personally since I knew (post-fact <g>) that he was probably inundated with e-mails but he did and that was really nice of him. That e-mail made my day seem so much better 🙂

Speaking of bad days, yesterday I tried to uninstalle IE 6.0 beta since I hate the way the Blogger entry screen looks with IE 6.0, but guess what? It really screwed things up – big surprise, huh? <vbg> When my system rebooted after uninstallation, I had no shell at all and just got an empty desktop … I reinstalled IE 5.5 but still the same scenario. So then I installed IE 6.0 again and magically, my desktop returned – so I guess IE 6.0 is one of those programs that just won’t go away 🙂 I tried to reinstall IE 5.5 just now and it said that I had a newer version of IE and so that it wouldn’t proceed … ugh! Guess I’ll have to dig around to see whether there’s a way to manually uninstall IE 6.0 since now I don’t have the Add/Remove Programs setting for IE 6.0 that I initally did have … Oh well …

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Lying and Scope

Have you ever had this feeling that you know everything that’s going on around you? Well … OK maybe not everything but that you know the people around you and what they would do next – especially actions which are negative towards yourself? I have that feeling all the time but I’m afraid to trust these feelings because I basically believe that people are good … So even when I *know* that somebody is lying to me or not telling me the whole truth, I still go on believing what they tell me … I guess, I should learn to trust myself a bit more … Oh well …

Yesterday evening was pretty good for Scope – I finally added the new toolbar bitmap and I really like what sinesolis has done … and hopefully the other Scope users will too 🙂 I tried many different approaches to the min/max/close buttons for maximized MDI windows – I tried a button on the rebar and a new toolbar and even a new menu item but none of them really worked out the way I really wanted them to look. So I finally settled on drawing the controls myself and that does seem to work fine – though I still haven’t added the code to actually make the buttons do what they are supposed to do <vbg> So I still might change the approcah if I can’t get the code to work … Unfortunately, I guess there won’t be new release till I get this worked out and since I’m on a very short timeline on my current project at work, I guess it’ll be at least the weekend before I can do any more coding on Scope 🙁

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