March 27, 2001

Reply from ACC and GreyMatter

I am working from home today since I have a dentist’s appointment today and I decided to take a little break to update my log since it has already been quite an eventful morning …. well, maybe not so full of events but there were a couple of things which affected me in various ways …

First of all, I had written to Dr. Clarke yesterday to tell him how his appearance on the Oscars had affected me and I received a response from him today 🙂 It was sort of a canned response since it was sent to multiple recipients but I was glad to hear from him at all … I guess I sometimes forget how busy other people are and think only from my own perspective <vbg> because I really thought I would be the only one writing to him about the Oscars … And he seems to have received over ten e-mails alone – not to mention faxes, letters etc. One thing I did learn though was that his appearance had been recorded weeks ago – and I thought it really was live 🙂

The second thing affected me in a different way .. I’d mentioned GreyMatter in my first posting using Blogger but I’d never gone to the main site myself and today I did following a link and what I found there was both beautiful and in some strange way touching … I loved the beautiful photographs and the entries in the log were very much human – and what I mean by human is that it was something basic, something which touches your core … – and I was moved by it all … I can’t explain it any better … go read it yourself 🙂

I installed IE 6.0 beta/preview yesterday since I wanted to know what was new and also whether it would work with Scope. It does indeed work with Scope since I am now writing this entry on Blogger using Scope <g> But it does seem to have borked something because the look of the Blogger posting screen has completely changed and some tools that used to be there (bold, italics, hyperlink) aren’t there at all … I did test on my other machine (which doesn’t have IE 6.0 installed) to see if this was a change on the Blogger side but things are fine there … So IE 6.0 is the culprit … Oh well … I guess I’ll have to see if I can uninstall it now <g>

On the Scope front, can you believe that I still haven’t had time to do anything at all? I still haven’t tried out the great looking new graphics that sinesolis did but I do intend to do that today in the evening and then maybe I will simply release Scope 1.0 and wait for the other fixes (including the buttons for maximized MDI windows) to go as version 1.1 since I’m kind of afraid of introducing new bugs if I were to add features … I guess we’ll see …

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