March 31, 2001

Scope Mailing List

I’ve been contemplating all the other stuff that I should start doing to provide better support for Scope users and I realized that I still don’t have a mailing list for Scope 🙂 This would be a great addition since users can discuss Scope bugs and even get help with Scope from other users instead of having to always rely on my (not so prompt <g>) responses …

So I’ve started a list at Yahoo Groups. Unfortunately, the name Scope was already taken as a mailing list name and so I had to go with ScopeBrowser. So go on, sign up and start talking about Scope 🙂 Actually, this list will help with certain other things such as user polls and stuff to figure out what exactly the users want in the way of new features and stuff too … So hopefully, it will work out fine! Now I’m off to do some bills and stuff before starting work on revamping the Scope page on my site …

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