March 29, 2001

Scoping Out a Build

The latest build of Scope looks pretty nifty even if I say so myself – then again, I guess I can say so since the graphics aren’t mine 🙂 sinesolis has done a great job on the graphics and I liked his work so much that I asked him to rework the IE and Mozilla icons too since now they don’t fit in too well with the polished look of the rest of the graphics <g>

The coding itself is complete actually since I put on a spurt of speed and finished all the little stuff that had been niggling me … The tabs now have icons and what’s even better, the icons display the current status of the page – whether it’s blank, loading or completed loading but not viewed. Once viewed, the tab’s icons changes to display the type of browser session for that tab – IE or Mozilla …

I know that some of you must be raring to grab a build by now <g> but I’m not going to release this one till I get the IE and Mozilla icons from sinesolis – so look for a release some time tomorrow … but then again, it might be today too 🙂

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