March 28, 2001

More Scope

I guess I should stop making predictions as to Scope release dates 🙂 I just managed to complete work on the min/restore/close buttons for maximized MDI windows and I thought it was going to take me a couple of days! Of course, the code’s not complete at the moment since in the process I managed to introduce a minor bug – if you click on the minimize button for a maximized MDI window, the window doesn’t minimize, it restores … The problem’s basically in the approach I took to solving this particular issue and I guess I’ll have to go back and do some tweaking but not today.

I’m wondering whether to release another pre-release of Scope or to make the next release the 1.0 final since I’ve changed a lot of code since the last release. None of the code actually translates to new features but I’ve changed the way a lot of things are implemented and it is inevitable that I’ve also introduced some new bugs. I’d rather make the next release, call it the 1.0 final and go on to work on the next release but I will probably end up doing another pre-release first since I hate releasing buggy software as a final product. Oh well …

The good news is that the next release will have some form of icon display for the tabs, the min/restore/close buttons for maximized MDI windows, a bug fix for something that only one user has reported – garbling of menus when Favorites are refreshed .. or rather the menu skips over to the next one <g> Hmm … I think that’s about it … It’ll still probably be the weekend before a release is ready but you never know 🙂

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