March 28, 2001

Lying and Scope

Have you ever had this feeling that you know everything that’s going on around you? Well … OK maybe not everything but that you know the people around you and what they would do next – especially actions which are negative towards yourself? I have that feeling all the time but I’m afraid to trust these feelings because I basically believe that people are good … So even when I *know* that somebody is lying to me or not telling me the whole truth, I still go on believing what they tell me … I guess, I should learn to trust myself a bit more … Oh well …

Yesterday evening was pretty good for Scope – I finally added the new toolbar bitmap and I really like what sinesolis has done … and hopefully the other Scope users will too 🙂 I tried many different approaches to the min/max/close buttons for maximized MDI windows – I tried a button on the rebar and a new toolbar and even a new menu item but none of them really worked out the way I really wanted them to look. So I finally settled on drawing the controls myself and that does seem to work fine – though I still haven’t added the code to actually make the buttons do what they are supposed to do <vbg> So I still might change the approcah if I can’t get the code to work … Unfortunately, I guess there won’t be new release till I get this worked out and since I’m on a very short timeline on my current project at work, I guess it’ll be at least the weekend before I can do any more coding on Scope 🙁

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