March 25, 2001

Blogger Woes

Looks as if Blogger is working fine after some tweaking of the templates 🙂 In fact, now the site looks almost indistinguishable from the earlier site – except of course for the fact that I can’t get my older posts into Blogger … Oh well, I guess you have to put up with some problems to get anywhere 🙂 Of course, this means that I will be updating my site a lot though it might not have anything much to do with either Scope or even coding as the site’s going to turn into a general blog … but fear not, Scope will continue to be developed and you will get more news of development now since I will be doing a lot more updating …

I should have spent this weekend doing some more coding since I haven’t "officially" released Scope 1.0 but instead, I decided to take a break and watch movies 🙂 But a very kind Scope user by the name of sinesolis has provided me with some excellent toolbar images as well as some other Scope icons that I intend to integrate into Scope before releasing Scope 1.0 "officially". Plus, the most requested feature for currently is the ability to close/restore maximized browser windows without having to right-click the tabs and select "Close" from the menu. The normal MDI child window maximized state buttons disappeared when I added the rebar band for the menubar. I’m currently trying to fix that by adding new buttons to the rebar bands to emulate the MDI child window maximized state buttons. Unfortunately, my workload at work is kind of heavy at the moment as I am working on a new project and so Scope will come along a bit slowly but it will eventually be released … So hang in there 🙂

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