May 15, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-14

  • Despite all the revolutionary rhetoric, apparently most were just waiting for a saviour … yet again. And with the sixth coming of the saviour here, we can all go back to the regularly scheduled programming …

    Oh, well … so much for a system change and all that. 11:53:05

  • Yep, yep … let’s forget all about Gota for the time being and let’s bully other people to be our savior. For where would we be if we don’t have people come save us, right?

    It’s not as if we can do anything ourselves anyway.

    How pathetic can we get?

    #LKA #GoHomeGota 16:14:38

  • And who decides what’s in the “national interest”? Arm-chair critics? Idiots who don’t understand what’s at stake?

    How is it that we suddenly have all those people who have the “national interest” at heart suddenly popping up?

    #LKA #GoHomeGota 21:48:23

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