May 9, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-08

  • It seems to be something ingrained in most Sri Lankans (or perhaps it’s the subcontinent?) not to apologize — if they do apologize, then it’s by way of an excuse, “It really wasn’t me, it the fault of x or y”.

    Till we can accept our mistakes, we will not change … 08:12:51

  • No training needed — just the confidence of impunity provided by being part of the police …

    When you have any organization which can carry out any action without impunity, this is what happens.

    You need checks and balances. But we lost that a long time ago in Sri Lanka … 08:38:15

  • How did the defense ministry determine this given they’ve got their head so far up their own asses that it’s pitch dark in there?

    Can they see anything except the shit fed to them by their masters? 08:40:25

  • Very important thread — we cannot justify violence against anyone, if we want everyone to be safe … When you condone violence in some form, you are opening the door for other forms of violence (maybe even against you) at some point …

    Think about this a bit. 19:42:40

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