May 4, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-03

  • The police in Sri Lanka is not there for the protection of the public. They are just the “legal” goon squad of whoever is in power … 09:28:06
  • When you’re right, you’re right — we need to review everything we do and say to realize (and correct) our biases … 09:29:46
  • The level of bum-kissery in Sri Lanka sometimes boggles my mind … Why in the name of all that’s holy (or unholy, depending on your preferences) would you go to these lengths for anyone, let alone a fickle politician who will not remember the things you did for them? 10:15:32
  • The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach (or something along those lines) is a common saying.

    Perhaps the way to a person’s mind/brain is the same route? 12:34:06

  • I’ve never understood this reasoning for years. Apparently, we’ve got to choose from the lesser of available evils, but we’ll only choose the same evils that we’ve seen fail us before and won’t give a chance to the unknown “evil” … Logic, or lack of it? 13:21:00
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