May 21, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-20

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May 18, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-17

  • Oh, I’m sure he knows the side he’s on … It’s all these other people who believe that @RW_UNP will save them who don’t know which side he’s on …

    But I’m sure they’ll eventually catch on … maybe. 17:28:21

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May 17, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-16

  • “Only ‘our’ (for a narrow definition of ‘us’) issues are the issues of Sri Lanka. We will not listen to any other view points,” seems to be the position at this rally.

    So how can you talk about “unity”? Is “unity” something that only the majority can invoke/revoke?

    #LKA 09:45:30

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May 15, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-14

  • Despite all the revolutionary rhetoric, apparently most were just waiting for a saviour … yet again. And with the sixth coming of the saviour here, we can all go back to the regularly scheduled programming …

    Oh, well … so much for a system change and all that. 11:53:05

  • Yep, yep … let’s forget all about Gota for the time being and let’s bully other people to be our savior. For where would we be if we don’t have people come save us, right?

    It’s not as if we can do anything ourselves anyway.

    How pathetic can we get?

    #LKA #GoHomeGota 16:14:38

  • And who decides what’s in the “national interest”? Arm-chair critics? Idiots who don’t understand what’s at stake?

    How is it that we suddenly have all those people who have the “national interest” at heart suddenly popping up?

    #LKA #GoHomeGota 21:48:23

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May 14, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-13

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May 13, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-12

  • It does seem as if suddenly a lot of people in SL are either very tired and want a resolution, or are getting entangled in political arguments which are totally unnecessary.

    Is everybody tired? Or is this social media manipulation to end the struggle?

    #LKA #GoHomeGota2022 12:41:16

  • A thread well worth reading and thinking about … 16:53:55
  • OH: "Temporarily this is the best move for the crisis."

    Yeah, for GR and his family, this is definitely the best move. For the rest of the country, not so much …

    I am quickly coming around to the idea that the whole deal-making politician class has to go away … 20:02:31

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May 12, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-11

  • It's always surprising to me how much people blame the JVP for their past actions when we don't apparently hold the other parties/individuals to the same standards … If we did, would we have elected the Rajapaksa clan again so soon?

    A blindspot? Amnesia? Stupidity? 11:14:25

  • And here we go again with the scheming and enabling the schemers …

    Hearing rumours that @RW_UNP is in talks with @GotabayaR and that he's promising people that he'll be PM. Not sure if true or not, and that's really not the point …/1 20:26:13

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May 10, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-09

  • Anybody who thinks that the Rajapakasas will abide by their word has not learnt from history …

    And as they say, if you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.

    #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapaksas 08:32:31

  • Read the thread – peaceful protestors are greeted with tear gas and water cannons. But thugs supporting the regime are allowed to do whatever they want (including beating up people) with impunity while the police watch on.

    One country, no law! 14:38:15

  • The police certainly are not the people’s friend — they are just friends of the regime. Never forget that! 14:46:07
  • The thirst for power conquers everything in Sri Lanka …

    #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapaksas 14:47:25

  • While it might be satisfying to see the attackers attacked, and to see the ministers and their goons being hoist by their own petard, if we condone violence against others, then we can't later say that violence against us is not justified. /1 20:55:12
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May 9, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-08

  • It seems to be something ingrained in most Sri Lankans (or perhaps it’s the subcontinent?) not to apologize — if they do apologize, then it’s by way of an excuse, “It really wasn’t me, it the fault of x or y”.

    Till we can accept our mistakes, we will not change … 08:12:51

  • No training needed — just the confidence of impunity provided by being part of the police …

    When you have any organization which can carry out any action without impunity, this is what happens.

    You need checks and balances. But we lost that a long time ago in Sri Lanka … 08:38:15

  • How did the defense ministry determine this given they’ve got their head so far up their own asses that it’s pitch dark in there?

    Can they see anything except the shit fed to them by their masters? 08:40:25

  • Very important thread — we cannot justify violence against anyone, if we want everyone to be safe … When you condone violence in some form, you are opening the door for other forms of violence (maybe even against you) at some point …

    Think about this a bit. 19:42:40

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May 8, 2022

Tweets for 2022-05-07

  • It’s always the cry of “law and order” from those who neither respect the law nor want any order except one where they are on top.

    A dictatorship in all but name ..

    #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapaksas 08:24:33

  • Yeah, this is not even a case of pot calling the kettle black but more of a pile of dung calling others dirty … 08:27:12
  • How a tottering dictatorship props itself up – use money for “security” instead of the welfare of the people …

    Who cares about the people, right? 08:32:18

  • They don’t care about OUR children as long as THEIR child(ren) can hang on long enough to be president … 08:36:25
  • Peaceful protests are not something that governments can deal with — so you must make them out to be not peaceful.

    So let loose your dogs.

    And dogs they are. The military are no heroes. They are just boot licking dogs in jack boots!

    #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapaksas 08:38:51

  • ඒ මාමා ඇය් රස්සාව දාලා ගෙදර යන්නේ නැතුව අපට ගහන්නේ?

    The Police have a choice — just like the rest of us. They can decide to support a corrupt regime and attack innocents, or they can say “No!”.

    How come none of these “heroes” appear to have no issues with attacking innocents? 08:51:46

  • The cost of maintaining a dictatorship …

    #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapaksas #LKA 08:55:09

  • A government that cares for its people, rather than maintaining its power, would not do this to its people.

    But we do not have a government that cares for the people or the nation, do we?

    #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapaksas #LKA 09:05:54

  • Apparently, @RW_UNP requires protection from peaceful protestors.

    Given what duplicitous Ranil has done over the years, I guess he has reason to be frightened — your conscience is your worst enemy, I guess?

    And of course, Ranil has no friends in government! 10:20:24

  • With all that’s going on in Colombo and the South, consider what people in the North and the East have been going through for years (if not decades) …

    Walk a mile in others’ shoes … 10:29:21

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