May 5, 2002

I’d been having some trouble with my computer for a while now because of an unsuccessful Visual Studio .NET uninstall. I’d had Visual Studio .NET Beta 2 installed on my machine for some months but decided to uninstall it once I got to Sri Lanka for two reasons: 1) I was running out of space 2) I was using the final release of the product at work and could always install that at home too if necessary. The problem was that the power went off while I was uninstalling Visual Studio .NET and the process took so long that even the battery was drained on my notebook. So I had to cut the uninstall short and ever since then, I could neither uninstall Visual Studio .NET or do any other install or uninstall which relied on the Windows Installer. I didn’t really mind this for a long time but yesterday when I tried to uninstall Roxio EasyCD and couldn’t due to the Windows installer problem, I decided enough was enough :p

I first tried to upgrade my existing Windows XP installation by installing XP over it again but that ended in disaster when one of the device drivers started giving problems and the installation would end up in a blue screen of death 🙁 Of course, I had not backed up any of my important data <g> So I first installed Windows XP in a separate directory, booted up, copied over the data I needed and then formatted the drive and did a clean install of XP again. Of course this took about the whole evening and I am still in the process of re-installing all my software, updating them etc. Since I’m on a dial-up connection, the Windows XP updates themselves would have killed me except for the fact that I had most of them on CD :p So I am almost up to speed again but am currently downloading the NAV virus definition updates which come to a whopping 3MB. Yeah I know, nothing for those of you on broadband and nothing even for people in the US on dial-up but I have to pay phone connection charges for every minute as well … Ah well … I probably could get it tomorrow from work but I don’t like to be online without up-to-date virus definitions – so guess I’ll just go ahead and do it …

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