May 30, 2002

The Blog Server test didn’t work yesterday either and I did some tests early in the morning at work and discovered that it worked fine at this end! I don’t know if my recompilation of the Indy component with the bug fix didn’t go through fine or if there is some other problem from home that I’m not aware of. Guess I’ll have to do some extended tests tonight or maybe over the weekend. Incidentally, I checked the automatic dialling out code that I’d put into Blog yesterday and found out that that didn’t work either 🙁 That’s probably going to require a lot more work than the POP access stuff – it might turn out that I can’t do the next release of Blog as soon as I had hoped to … I guess we’ll see ..

Update: All right! The Blog Server functionality finally worked the way it should! Turns out that even though I had fixed the bug in the Indy components, it didn’t take due to certain factors. I re-compiled the code today and it worked – well … almost except for a different bug that I had to fix as well but once that was done, things worked smoothly. So that’s one down but there’s still the dial-up bug …

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