May 3, 2002

Day before yesterday was another one of the interminable holidays in Sri Lanka. So I used that day, whatever time I had at work during lulls in work and my evenings to work on quite a few of my apps. Blog now has a timer in Server mode so that it will automatically publish at timed intervals and it also sports a new Include/Exclude list from which you can limit who can (or can’t) post to your particular journal. In addition, I’ve been working on Cee and have bumped it up to 2.0 from the 1.0 Beta which was originally released :p If you’d like to see some of the preliminary stuff (like the spiffy new interface …) download what is still linked as Cee 1.0 Beta on the site – I was too lazy to update stuff and simply uploaded under the same name :p Of course, the build on my machine has some additional stuff like the ability to create a signature/cookie file on your hard disk at timed intervals, the ability to minimize to the system tray etc.

While I was working on apps, I’ve also done some work on BOB and added proxy support to it. This was basically done for my benefit since Norton Firewall doesn’t allow me to upload to my sites using BOB normally – I got around this in Blog with enabling PASV support but since I hadn’t added that to BOB, I decided it was time to do <g> Of course, I could have simply added PASV support and stopped there but I decided to go for broke and added proxy support as well …

In other news, I’ve been looking at several SMS support apps for my iPaq so that I could receive and send SMS messages through my Ericsson T68 via the iPaq. I’ve found several options but all of them have been shareware apps and unfortunately, while $25 would have been nothing much to me while I was in the US, it is about Rs. 2500 over here and that seems like a lot of money for an app that I can write myself with a bit of effort :p I did find a freeware app that does everything I want it to do but it’s bluetooth connectivity seems to be a bit sketchy and that’s basically what I wanted. Oh well … I’ll try their latest version that I downloaded today and if that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll have to look into coding another Pocket PC app 🙂

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