May 28, 2002

I’ve noticed a lot of searches on similarities between Guy Pearce and Cher hitting my site. Now I know why my site is being hit – it’s because I talk of both Guy Pearce (in referring to the new “Count of Monte Cristo”) and Cher at the Grammy’s (or some such other awards ceremony) in the same journal entry but what I can’t figure out is what this sudden fascination people seem to have in finding links between Cher and Guy Pearce. I guess there are all sorts of weird searches on the web – if that is any kind of an explanation :p And of course, now that I’ve mentioned those two again in a journal entry (and I seem to get picked up fairly easily by Google …) I’ll probably get even more hits on that search – ah well …

This will probably be my first testing of the client side capabilities of the newest version of Blog under real-life conditions. I’m making this post under Client mode and hope to have it published when I get home in the evening in Server mode and that should get me started on using the thing once and for all and that would actually let me find any bugs in the latest code. I’ve been meaning to do this for a time now but I’ve always been so busy at work during the last few weeks that I just didn’t seem to find the time. But since I’ve got my bike, I was able to get to work early today and get through quite a bit of my work quickly and so I’ve got the time to do this … So let’s see how well this works!

Update:The Server mode test didn’t work – not due to a problem with Blog but because one of the components that I’m using (Indy POP) has a bug which I fixed on one machine but wasn’t fixed on my home machine and so it wouldn’t connect to the server properly. Ah well … I don’t have the time to fix it now and so I guess I’ll have to try this again tomorrow …

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