May 15, 2002

My parents received notification that the last of my stuff from the US had arrived during the weekend and they brought over the notice when they came over to Colombo on Sunday. So I stayed home from work on Monday, went over to the foreign parcels section of the post office and got the stuff cleared. It seems as if that marks the end of another segment of my life though I can really think of no particular reason for feeling so except for the fact that receiving the stuff from the US seems to kind of put a marker on the US period. Anyway … I’m meandering :p I began making a detailed inventory of all my books and realized that I had a lot of duplicates since I’d bought the same stuff again when I was in USA. Guess I’m gonna have to sell off some of the excess though I’m not too sure that I’ll get too much for it over here ….

I’ve been doing a lot of coding in my spare time 🙂 I began work on that file renamer shell-extension that I talked of in my earlier post and instead of keeping it simple so that it would simply match a pattern and replace it with a different string, I decided to go for broke and make it really complex :p So I added sequential numbering (with a given prefix or using the existing file name), renaming with a prefix and renaming with a suffix to the list of options. I can’t think of any further simple renaming options though a few more complex ones do come to mind – such as removing existing numbers and then renaming in sequential order but I’m not sure that I want to code that yet <g> I’ve even created the documentation for the shell extension and have come up with a setup package. So expect to see that released sometime soon …

Another app that I came up with is a pretty simple one – to encode strings like e-mail addresses into their ASCII character equivalents so that you can have e-mail addresses on web pages without the address being discovered by the trawling robots of spammers. It seemed to work fine during my preliminary tests but I just thought of something that I need to check on – whether a coded address works with an anchor tag or whether it needs to be coded in a different manner for the anchor tag. Once I get that sorted out, I think I should have another offering to be released – darn, looks as if I’m going to swell my application list quite a bit in just a couple of weeks 🙂 Ah well, the more apps there are, the more use that somebody or other will find them to be …

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