November 8, 2022

Tweets for 2022-11-07

  • Sri Lankans and their apologizing for things because "the good name of Sri Lanka should not be tarnished", or whatever they tell themselves …

    Right is right, wrong is wrong. No matter whether a Sri Lankan did it or any one else did. Till we learn that, we'll never progress. 07:04:24

  • This paper on prompt poisoning is very interesting 🙂

    Lots of stuff you can probably learn from the sample implementation too! 07:46:57

  • eDiffi was interesting in the results it produced and had some interesting concepts that I wish I knew how to implement 🙂

    There is now a partial code implementation here using SD:

    Worth a look! 07:50:28

  • I'm going to keep asking this every day till the govt takes some (any?) action. Raise your voice!

    @RW_UNP When are you going to arrest people who brought the country to economic collapse? Or are you only arresting protestors and letting the politicos go?

    Day 96 #JusticeLKA 08:03:03

  • Really @instagram? Spammers can add 20 – 30 followers to my Instagram account within minutes but when I try to remove them, I'm blocked from removals after about 10? What's the logic there? Quantity over quality? 09:12:40
  • After several tries, I finally found the right prompt to get the level of greenery and crumbling civilization that I wanted 🙂

    It looks as if the word "lush" was key and the prompt was: "lush greenery covering dystopian landscape"

    #AIArtwork #StableDiffusion #DeepLearning #AI 18:31:43

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