February 3, 2009

Tweets for 2009-02-03

  • Ad: “Someone broke into our buisness, and I need to enhance the video/snapshop of the kid, to be able to see it clearly.” [Too much CSI?] #
  • Ad: “I am sooo desperate!!! All my programs turned into microsoft explorer (icon included)” [What the heck? Spontaneous transformation?] #
  • Just for clarification (and for those who haven’t seen my previous postings), the ads I post are not ads by me – just ones I think’re funny. #
  • Ad: “Looking for a Web Developer to join a team and build a site that can make us very rich in 2 or 3 years.” [I’ll pay you tomorrow for ..] #
  • Ad: “I’m looking for some independant thinkers who don’t need babysitting in order to produce some #’s.” [I think you mean “$s”? :D] #
  • “Pushing Daisies” is whimsical and funny – “Childhood issues? I’ve got the full subscription!” 😀 #