February 6, 2006

And to summarize ….

This week’s been rather eventful … and it’s only beginning :p Actually, I guess I’m talking about last week. But given the fact that I only have a tenuous concept of time at any given moment, I might actually be talking about Sunday-after-next and still might not really have an inkling about what I’m really talking about :p Incidentally, I’m one of those people who believes that the week begins on Monday and so, I guess this is a new week. The past week had a lot of things going on and so I thought I’d do a recap here.

I finished my latest short story … either yesterday or day before. Strangely enough, it actually was fun writing it after I got going and wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be :p I kind of like how the world I built in that story turned out but not sure if others will think so. I want to try and submit this story to a couple of places but first, it needs a little bit more polishing. Laurie’s going through it first (and I need a bit of a break from it) and then I will go back to working on it.

I also started work on WriteTrack again. This was actually due to something else I finished this week – a new query letter. I submitted my query letter over at Absolute Write Water Cooler – a good forum for writers BTW – and they (or actually one really helpful person :p) tore it apart and re-built it from the ground up. I like how the new query letter turned out and couldn’t wait to get querying again :p So, I sent out a couple of queries using the new query letter and that meant that I had to track the new queries using WriteTrack :p I got to work originally to fix a few minor annoyances but then it turned into more serious work where I actually added in the last of the missing functionality in WriteTrack, fixed a few bugs, added suggested features by beta-testers and so on. I still have a few minor UI issues to sort out but once that’s done, a new build should be ready to go out … maybe today 🙂

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