February 13, 2006

Is it the people?

I hardly ever go out anymore. Before I was married and before I got my current job, I had to meet a lot more people every day. There were people that I had to interact with at work, people I had to meet in the course of work, family get togethers and what not over the weekends and so on. Most of the work stuff dropped off once I got my current job and because of my marriage, we also moved away from the family circle – because we live on our own. Due to the nature of my work (I work remotely for a web hosting company), I don’t have the same schedule as everybody else here. I work over the weekend here and so the usual chances of mingling and meeting other people is greatly lessened. In fact, there are times that Laurie and I go a whole week without seeing anybody else :p This period probably would get extended even more if we didn’t have to go out to buy groceries.

So what has this got to do with anything else? Well, the fact is that every time we go out, I get headaches. Sometimes they are fairly mild but sometimes they can get to be rather intense. Now we’d been over to my parents’ place two days running this weekend (and then had to go out and meet other people with them) due to stuff going on at their end and now I have a doozy of a headache. It makes me wonder – is it all the people who give me a headache? Am I just allergic to people? :p Or maybe it’s just the complications involved in dealing with people that gives me a headache? At home, there are no complications – we understand each other and can (usually) tell each other what we think. But when you go out, you have to worry about how to phrase something diplomatically, how to make sure that feathers don’t get ruffled, try to figure out what people are "actually" saying as opposed to what their words mean and so on. Dealing with people is a rather complicated subject and I’m not certain that I take too well towards having to jump through all these hoops :p Is this what gives me a headache? I don’t know …

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