June 10, 2003

Just a quick update since nothing has been posted for a while – no beta for Blog 8.0 has been released. When a beta is released, it will be a public beta and so nobody really has to apply to be beta testes :p However, a lack of spare time and being pulled in several different direction at the moment has temporarily put Blog development on the back burner. I will get back to it when I have some time to spare but be patient in the mean time 🙂 Incidentally, one of my mirror sites (Nortiq) is gone forever since they were doing some reorganization of their server and found that they were unable to host me anymore. So thanks once again for the hosting so far Lyon! Now, there’s just two – the main site and KuhnDog’s mirror at RazorSys – I should thank KuhnDog once again for his kind support and hosting through the years. He’s done a lot that guy … 🙂

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