June 30, 2003

Well, I completed all the work on the first project I was doing for Martin – the one where I developed a web interface to generate text messages with a given font, color, size etc. on the fly. It took about a week of tweaking to get it to the exact stage where it was useable and Martin seems to have liked my work and I am gratified by that 🙂 He even asked me to do another project for me – which is actually an extension of the first one since he wanted the additional feature of being able to place an image (resized if necessary) on the generated image with the text message and to be able to specify the position of the new image. I have been working on that particular project over the weekend and have a working demo. So the work goes on.

In the meantime, I’ve also been dabbling with a lot of stuff on the domain itself. I had been told that my host supported add-on domains and that it was possible to purchase an extra package which would let you have 50 add-on domains and 50 parked domains along with my current domain. So I got that package since I wanted to add a few additional domains on and have so far been having nothing but problems with the adding new domains. It seems as if I chose the wrong time for it because the host server had just gone through some problems and it wouldn’t initially create the DNS entries correctly for any new add-on domains. One good thing though is that tech support for my hosting company seems to be very responsive (except of course on weekends :p) and they fixed that problem as soon as I let them know about it.

I then discovered that FrontPage Extensions were supported by my host but not on add-on domains :p In trying to find out where the problem lay, I messed up one add-on domain completely and so had to try and recreate it and guess what? The server control panel will not allow me to do that since there is a DNS entry for that domain already on my host’s server and of course, I have no way to modify the DNS entry! So I’ve had to submit another helpdesk ticket and it being the weekend, of course nobody has responded yet. Ah well, the joys of being a geek :p

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