April 21, 2002

Well … I finally did get around to doing some coding 🙂 In order to get there though, I had to install Delphi at work and find all the different components I have installed on my machine at work and this ended up being a lot of work … But it was worth it since I have finally done some more work on Blog in a long time! I’ve been able to add the ability to automatically connect and disconnect from the Internet based on whether a Net connection is detected by Blog. The basic code seems to work but what I’m wondering is whether it will work on all Windows platforms since I have so far only tested it on Windows XP. I would hate for Blog to get Windows version specific at this stage but I can’t say for certain whether it is so without further testing.

Incidentally, I brought my code home and tried to compile it at home and discovered that some of the components I had installed at home were older :p Now I’ll need to find all the latest components for home as well before I can do any development with confidence. I did manage to compile the latest Blog code though and discovered that the Net connectivity code needs some further tweaking – Blog does indeed dial out when it detects that there is no Net connection but the dialing code is not blocking i.e. it does not wait till the dialing operation is complete. So I guess I’ll have to try and add some sort of event driven code to detect when the connection attempt succeeds (or fails) and proceed accordingly … Ah well, guess I am a long way away indeed from the next Blog version since I haven’t even considered the POP access component or the client-side mailing component. I guess all I can do is work on it a bit at a time …

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