April 27, 2002

I guess it’s a good thing that I never took up fortune telling as a profession … because I’m so darn bad at it :p I said last week that it was going to take weeks of work for me to get the work done for the next release of Blog and guess what? The basic work is already done!! Not tested yet except for very basic testing but all the main features I wanted are in there – now you can operate Blog in three modes: standalone works just the way it does now, client allows you to e-mail the current entry to a preset address and in the correct format for Blog server and server checks a given e-mail address for new messages, adds them to Blog and then publishes the lot as in a normal publish run.

Of course there are a few things missing – I haven’t had the time to add a timer for server mode which will continuously check and publish at given time intervals and an inclusion or exclusion list which will limit who can post to the Blog in server mode via e-mail. I also wanted to build a comments system into Blog using the same mechanism as the multi-user posting where people can send in comments on posts via e-mail and then Blog would keep track of them and publish them but I realized later that such a system is going to require it’s own template and a new set of Blog tags as well (probably) and so decided to leave that till the next version. There are also quite a few bug fixes from the previous release to be made. And, as I mentioned at first, the whole thing needs to be tested thoroughly and I still haven’t done that either. So, I guess the next release is quite a while away yet but not as far away as I’d thought at first :p

Actually, this is a long weekend (we had Friday off) and I was hoping to get most of the bug fixes and testing done over the weekend but then my aunt (my father’s brother’s wife) passed away and so I had to go for the funeral yesterday. Since they live in Matale (which is about three to four hours away from Colombo where I am …) it took the whole day and I got back late last night. I’ll be out today and tomorrow will go in getting the usual weekend stuff done and that I guess will be the end of that weekend. But fear not valiant reader, truth, justice and bad coding will prevail :p I hope to get at least the timer and inclusion/exclusion list features done this week – the bug fixing has to be done at home since I don’t have a list of the bugs at work … of course, it would be simpler to e-mail myself the bug list at work but who said I was bright? <vbg>

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