February 27, 2006

Fresh territory

We’ve been watching "Lost" for a couple of days now. When we first bought the DVD set for the first season, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. All I knew was that the series was about plane crash survivors and that it was created by J. J. Abrams, who also created "Alias". Now I’m a major "Alias" fan (at least of the first two seasons) and that was probably the main reason for getting "Lost" since I am not particularly fond of survivor stories and while there seemed to be a lot of fans of the show, as far as I knew, there was nothing more to the series than it being about plane crash survivors.

Now that I’ve seen the first 6-8 episodes, my opinion has changed drastically :p While the story is indeed about plane crash survivors, it is not merely about them. It is also about the mysteries of the island they find themselves on, the past histories of each of the survivors, their day-to-day decisions and how their decisions are affected by their past. In fact, I personally think that some of the characters are extremely well-written and that some of the episodes are actually brilliant 🙂

One of the best episodes so far, again in my opinion, is "The Moth". The writers take the analogy of a moth coming out of the cocoon in so many brilliant ways and tie it all together into the storyline that I just loved it. It was the tones, the nuances, the subtleties about the stories that get me 🙂

But "The Moth" does not stand alone. There are so many other stories, so many other characters. The characters are not one-dimensional, they are not black or white. Most of them have different facets that you get to see as the season progresses and sometimes you root for them and sometimes you find yourself hating them. That is good television!

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