February 5, 2006

Upgrades and changes

Recently, there seem to have been a lot of new minor releases – FireFox, Directory Opus and WordPress 2.0.1 for instance. Now I do use all of the above and I upgraded to all of them. The FireFox upgrade required that I also upgrade the AI Roboform extension but other than that, it worked fine. The Directory Opus upgrade has not produced any issues yet. The biggest upgrade, for me at least, was WordPress since I had not yet made the transition from WordPress 1.5 to 2.0 yet.

As I’d mentioned before, I didn’t particularly want to upgrade to WordPress 2.0 since there wasn’t anything much there that I really wanted. However, what with the release of 2.0.1 and the announcement that they’d fixed 100+ bugs in it, I figured that I might as well upgrade now since all future fixes would come for the 2.0 branch anyway 🙂 The thing I hate about upgrading WordPress is that they recommend deleting all WP PHP files and then installing the new code. I have WP installed in a folder where there are hundreds (yes, really, hundreds :p) of other files and trying to find just the WP files can be a pain in the posterior. I have tried simply overwriting existing files and it has worked every time I’ve tried but being anal retentive, that just doesn’t sit right with me :p I *need* to do it just the way the documentation says.

So, this time what I did was, I pulled out the WP 1.5.2 zip file, extracted the contents to a temporary folder, got a file listing and created a shell script from the listing to move all WP files to a temporary location. I then extracted the WP 2.0.1 install ZIP file’s contents on to the location where WP had been installed and we were up and going in a short time 🙂

Of course, now that I had WP 2.0.1, I had to go upgrade some of my plugins and remove unused ones as well. I found that I had a bunch of old plugins in the plugins folder for no reason – so out they went. Then I upgraded to Spam Karma 2.1 since I still had 2.0 installed. Now that I had WP 2.0, I could also go for the AKismet plugin to combat spam. I didn’t want to install the built-in AKismet plugin though since I prefer Spam Karma. So I got the Akismet plugin for Spam Karma and we were all set! Incidentally, Dr. Dave who develops Spam Karma had some stuff to say about a new breed of spam-bots but that’ll have to wait for another day …

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