June 26, 2002

I’ve fixed both the bugs I talked about yesterday but the ability to use relative paths for the Full Path and Image Directory settings needs to be tested further since I don’t have access to a machine where the FTP root is different from the WWW root. I just heard from David who had problems with Blog under a Spanish version of XP as well and it turns out the localization issue actually might have been a conversion/upgrade issue between Blog 6.0 Beta 2 which did not account for localization and Blog 6.0 Beta 3 which does. Hopefully, once I get all these things sorted out, I should be able to release Blog 6.0 final and then move on to other things … Such as PostMan which has been neglected for a time due to work, gaming and coding on Blog :p

Talking of gaming, I got a new set of drivers for my ATI Rage Mobility P card yesterday by scouring the Net and after installing those, I seem to have got rid of the problem of the graphics suddenly going south in the game. It’s still fairly slow on my machine but I was able to play for about half an hour without the reappearance of the particular problem of everything going white and blocky. I guess if everything works fine for sure over the weekend when I’ll get a little more time to play games 🙂

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