June 20, 2002

Well … Blog 6.0 Beta 3 is out 🙂 I actually uploaded the build to the server a couple of days ago but didn’t have the time to do an update to the site to let everybody know about it. This is basically a build to add image support in Client mode and to handle those attached images in Server mode as well as a few other fixes. I also added a fix for the decimal point problem with floating point numbers when using the version number that one of the Spanish users found – they use a comma instead of a decimal point and so that creates problems in international versions of Windows. This should hopefully be the final release of 6.0 but I wanted to make certain before declaring it so since I’ve made a few changes that need to be proven in action :p

I’m probably going to be a bit late for work today since I need to go get some stuff cleared from customs. The “stuff” I’m talking about is basically some beta software from Microsoft – one of their SDK’s for mobile solution developers. They sent it to me for free since I signed up for one of their beta programs but guess what? Sri Lankan customs want to charge me Rs. 8000+ since they claim that the stated value is lower than it should be! I inquired around and was told that a lot of people are bringing software into the country with very low stated values and hence this tightening down on all and sundry. Unfortunately, since these people seem to know nothing at all about the contents except the word software, I guess I might be in for a tough time. I was told to write a letter to the director of customs explaining the situation and I hope to go there and get it sorted out but if it turns out that I need to pay, I’m going to tell them to keep the software!

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