June 11, 2002

Well, I finally managed to update the documentation for Blog and to get two distros – a full setup based one and a self-extracting archive for upgraders – ready for the new Blog 6.0 beta. I even let Eddie Elmore over at BetaNews (who’s been kind enough to mention each release of Blog as well as to provide an alternate mirror for the downloads) know about the new distros that I’d already uploaded to the servers – well, all the servers except for Tripod since I’m running into space limitations there … It might be that I have to move from Tripod after all these years of being with them 🙁 Anyway, I was going to hold off on announcing the new files till I had some time to update my web site today but then I received an e-mail from Phil, who reminded me of a bug and a feature that he requested quite a while back – and no, he didn’t request a bug even though that’s the way the sentence sounds :p

The bug was to do with LiveSpell checking and how it wouldn’t turn off even after you’ve turned it off from the Edit menu and restarted – it works fine when you first turn it off but not on a restart of Blog. I’m almost certain that this is an oversight on my part in not turning off spell-checking when Blog is restarted but I’ve kept on forgetting to look into it. The feature request was for dates on the calendar on the main Blog window to be displayed in bold for days that have entries. Now I’ve kept on meaning to look into the possibility of doing this too and then kept on forgetting to do so <g> I finally did look into it yesterday and realized that it should be simple enough to do so. So, I’ve decided to do these two things, re-upload the distros and then announce the new builds … Of course, that’ll mean at least another day’s delay :p

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