July 31, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-30

  • Been working on a quick macOS menu bar app to monitor Wise exchange rates and to alert me when a set target is reached for a given currency pair.

    Got functionality to where I want. Wondering if I should release it … https://t.co/bHpXxqejWJ 09:18:44

  • "The Princess" https://t.co/UE4tGviLe5 just feels incomplete somehow. Like a short story pretending to be a novel. The characters just don't seem fleshed out, single dimensional.

    But the fighting is interesting (tho often not believable) and it's good to see a woman kick-ass 😜 11:52:57

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July 30, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-29

  • President’s flag stolen … Culprit found ✅

    President’s money returned to police … Those who returned arrested ✅

    Money from president’s house returned to courts by police ❌

    Billions stolen by politicians … culprits arrested ❌

    Definitely looks like “One country, one law”! https://t.co/GaFZb06ejt 13:46:47

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July 29, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-28

  • Never mind that politicians who robbed the country roam free. Never mind that politicians who incited hatred and violence roam free.

    But do go after normal people for small issues.

    That certainly shows you are all for justice and for the people, right?


    We never learn. 08:15:39

  • Now the gallery says, "Oh, just wait a few more years. Then you can vote them out."


    Will you have a country left in two years time? Can the person on the street even survive for two years while these bumbling buffoons run the country to the ground?

    People, I tell you .. 08:19:02

  • And this is what happens when you elect fools who in turn appoint fools and yes-men to advice them.

    You get buffoons who do not know the law of the land they are supposed to be serving and create their own laws to suit their needs.

    And yet, we bow down to them bending in two 🤨 https://t.co/7Nnk0fZihM 11:22:10

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July 28, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-27

  • But this is a choice that our elected leaders make over and over again. The fact that we bow down to them and treat them like kings when they are in power contributes to this.

    Treat your elected representatives as they are – the servants of the people, not lords or kings. https://t.co/AgnI927VxH 11:08:11

  • And so we come back … crawling, stumbling, slowly, or maybe even hesitantly … but we are back to testing the waters of nationalism and calling people “terrorist”, “unpatriotic” etc.

    Soon, it’ll be as if Gota never left because we’d be back to pointing the finger at “others” … https://t.co/WyVGKqqpJh 14:09:26

  • Not that difficult to understand how we arrived at this point — bad governance, stupidity, and mismanagement … But will anybody admit to that?

    The way forward is just as easy — don’t let any of the current set of rogues, including Ranil, anywhere near governing the country. https://t.co/B6q74IL8xj 17:34:18

  • Must be an alternate Sri Lanka or an alternate reality that the US ambassador is living in.

    Good governance, respect for human rights, and listening to the people … how long has it been since a Sri Lankan government did any of that? https://t.co/lYw1LEpseo 17:35:49

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July 27, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-26

  • And there we have it. I guess Ranil is bringing in the promised stability for even Gota to come back to Sri Lanka …

    What an achievement!

    What about those pesky problems plaguing the citizenry at large though? When will those be fixed?

    Never, you say? Hmm …. https://t.co/JPFYmC4X15 12:08:45

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July 25, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-24

  • Presidents in Sri Lanka (and other politicians) have a habit of telling people what to do but not how to do it. They just come up with the *grand vision* — the hoi polloi have to figure out how to make that vision come true.

    Of course, all the credit for success goes to … 09:02:23

  • I have this idea tumbling around in my head for a story about a country run by a thieves guild. They used to have elections but the thieves decided that the other riffraff shouldn't be allowed to rule and only they were suited to rule …

    Not quite fiction actually, but hmm … 09:04:04

  • The issue here might be in believing that @RW_UNP is a wise statesman. People say how cunning he is, but I don’t believe it.

    I think he just lucked into where he is today. I do not attribute any wisdom to him at all – just malice and the ability to wait, wait, and wait … https://t.co/UBNm4Yjcp0 09:24:17

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July 24, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-23

  • Citizens of the country are being beaten up by people who are supposed to protect the country.

    But of course, @RW_UNP supporters will ask whether this really happened? Or to show proof that Ranil was behind this.

    And there will be no inquiry. No repercussions. Full impunity. https://t.co/o8qmzB7qBS 08:04:02

  • Until the government makes it so that police and military cannot take action without impunity, this kind of thing will keep on happening. And some of us will talk about how much we love the uniform …

    What is there to love?

    This kind of behavior needs to be stamped out! https://t.co/HD9fh5US5w 08:06:08

  • People worship thos who kill with no compunction for some reason. I can’t understand it. Why venerate somebody who kills others for whatever reason?

    And then you think that the same people who kill for you will not turn on you if the situation arises?

    Why would you think that? https://t.co/2hOChnbFeR 08:10:27

  • And yet, will anything change?

    If history is any indication, Sri Lankan governments go begging after foreign aid when it suits them, but shrugs off criticism as “foreign interference” or meddling.

    @RW_UNP is now in bed with people who have much experience with this approach. https://t.co/oCPw5sUs7i 08:13:50

  • The people of @officialunp have no voice except for that of @RW_UNP who wags them like the tail wagging the dog.

    So they’ll speak when Ranil speaks. Otherwise, silence … https://t.co/HChNgpZIby 10:31:14

  • Ah, our friend @RW_UNP is very good at reminding others of history.

    Too bad that his big brain can remember the history of the world, but not all the promises (or lies) he told people over the course of his career …

    I guess one can only remember so much, noh? https://t.co/GLyavn85eL 10:35:40

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July 23, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-22

  • "We loved that uniform even on the 13th", one of the protestors says.

    Why love the military uniform? What have they done for you? Do you think the oft repeated, "We saved you from the LTTE" is a reason to love a uniform?

    Do you think loving them will stop them hurting you? 08:14:15

  • Love those who care for you. Love those who are unable to defend themselves. Even love those whose ideologies are not yours but who are doing what's right.

    But do not love power/force masquerading as security. That love will not be returned, and will eventually be your undoing. 08:16:11

  • Interesting that @RW_UNP who said that #Aragalaya must continue and that people have a right to protest etc. takes power and suddenly the protests are being dismantled with more force than before …

    Must be somebody else who wants to impress the new president, noh? 08:18:54

  • So no media coverage of the removal of the protestors either? So democracy working at it's best I guess?

    Looks as if Churchill is becoming Hitler … 08:21:51

  • What's the point of Sri Lankans appealing to @mbachelet or @USAmbSL about what the government is doing in Sri Lanka to quell peaceful protests? Have they ever listened to anything you've said?

    Governments (and their agents) be governing. Citizens be suffering … 08:26:25

  • This is from an AFP journalist in Sri Lanka. The power of the Sri Lankan government (and @RW_UNP) on display against unarmed civilians protesting at the fact that their government does nothing for them except to repress even their right to protest … https://t.co/nRPggxcOND 08:36:53
  • Peace and stability at any cost … even if you have to employ force.


    You shouldn’t use force to bring about peace? Isn’t that what we’ve always done? https://t.co/4dFGAvqVyq 08:44:15

  • I don’t know if the people in the video are involved in the protest or not. They say they were on their way home …

    But to see citizens being just dragged off like this by military … It just makes my blood boil.

    What next? Concentration camps for those who protest? https://t.co/jqOACpDeyC 08:48:15

  • The “fascist” has always been @RW_UNP but what’s the use of telling that to people who don’t even know what a fascist is?

    JR said that he couldn’t make a man a woman, but if Ranil says that a man is a woman, there are those who’ll swear that’s true … https://t.co/OgggruS98T 08:50:22

  • Caption says “The vampire hiding amongst the pages of books has come out.”

    This is @RW_UNP in action when he has full power … They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But Ranil was already corrupt, so where does he go with absolute power? https://t.co/9KkQWPOZMt 08:54:05

  • I’m fairly sure that @RW_UNP is of the opinion that other countries might object to what he’s doing but in the end he can justify it all as “establishing peace and stability” and that will be the end of it …

    Will anybody do anything for Sri Lankans affected? I am not sure … https://t.co/zyvbnbpYPd 09:00:39

  • Yep, reduce building at the cost of citizens/civilians … Seems like shades of Ranil’s library again where everybody was so concerned about Ranil’s books being burnt but didn’t care too much about what led to that or the fact that these ghouls don’t care a whit for the country. https://t.co/egIP0fgHkW 09:03:29
  • 💯This is just a warning for everybody else, a show of power. @RW_UNP hopes that nobody would dare challenge him after this and everybody will go home and be quiet like good little children … https://t.co/3PYeINGOJZ 09:05:53
  • Attack in the dead of the night, cut off media access, and then when the sun rises, go all "we are all about helping people" and announce (in English no less so that foreign media can understand) that you are offering medical assistance.

    A page out of the dictator's playbook? 09:19:20

  • No confirmation as to whether the following thread is true or not, but worth reading. Know your leaders (or at least what they are capable of).

    But then again, knowing our leaders, we still continue to elect them instead of kicking them out.

    So what does that say about us? https://t.co/TCJwagKuGn 09:28:08

  • I’ve been rage-tweeting since I woke up but this thread encapsulates everything I wanted to say in a much more cohesive and concise fashion …

    Read it. And reflect.

    Are we happy with our elected leaders? Or how our country is run? If not, what can we do about it? https://t.co/MZTS0rccjB 09:45:49

  • This is the strongest condemnation of the attacks that I’ve seen so far.

    And yet … will it achieve anything? Everybody is either condemning or saying they are “concerned” by the attacks, but if history is to be any indicator, nothing further will happen.

    So is there a point? https://t.co/r2rJpFkSLi 09:52:46

  • Look at this face. Does it look like the face of somebody who cares what happens to Sri Lanka?

    Yes, it's unfair to judge a book by its cover. But lets judge him by his actions. Has he done anything to benefit Sri Lanka recently? So why is he the PM?

    https://t.co/m5qXxgubUO 11:13:12

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July 22, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-21

  • Now starts the real Ranil Jarapaksha Rule. All promises made by @RW_UNP while interim president will be forgotten.

    The 19A won’t even get through the door while he pursues stabilizing his own rule.

    You wanted stability? You got it! https://t.co/0zMySSNPxy 08:19:47

  • Yes, @RW_UNP will act against those who oppose the law, but those who break it outright, like his friends in parliament who voted for him, he’ll keep them safe. Otherwise, how is he himself to survive?

    The law is the best shield that law breakers in Sri Lanka have. https://t.co/V7XfodWC0o 08:24:10

  • 💯It wasn’t the investments that were the issue, but rather how they were (mis)used.

    If all the investment coming into the country was used to build up the nation (rather than politicals’ bank accounts) we’d be in a much better position today …. https://t.co/csUZ4jpCwV 08:50:33

  • “I will give the chain that the people want,” at least @RW_UNP is honest 😛 You’ll certainly get a lot of chains from him …

    Also, points to the Rajapaksha supporters who voted for him and says, “Ask any of them, when did I know the Rajapakshas?” Good one! https://t.co/T7MlgBlaJZ 08:59:30

  • If he thinks that any of this will actually happen under @RW_UNP then @KaruOnline is way more optimistic than I …

    But I guess all we can do is keep reminding our politicians what they promised and hold them accountable … https://t.co/kqNvTyWciN 10:40:20

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July 21, 2022

Tweets for 2022-07-20

  • Now that the only thing parliament was really interested in, which was electing a president, they shut everything down and go home for a week. Shows how much concern they have for the rest of the country …

    But then again, I guess nobody really gets that, right? 17:55:42

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