July 2, 2003

Jacta est alea

The die is cast – the answer given … and what was the answer? Well, the answer at least to the company which wanted to hire me was a "no". They did want to know why I didn’t want to join them and what was I to tell them? :p That it was an instinctive feeling that I was at a cross-road? That I thought that this might be a cosmic question directed at me? 🙂 I decided to say the least and yet remain within the bounds of truth and so, simply said that it was a personal decision and had nothing at all with to do with their offer or the company itself. The person I spoke to seemed to accept that but he wanted me to look them up anytime I felt like changing my mind and I told him that I would.

Was that the end of it? Not really :p Well, that was the end of it as far as the job was concerned but a little bit of weirdness was left to play itself out. I got home in the evening and was lying in bed simply thinking when my phone rang – I looked at the caller ID and it was the guy from the company which offered me the job, the guy I’d talked to in the morning. I answer the phone and all I hear are voices talking and nobody says anything – it was as if the phone had been turned on in the middle of a meeting by accident. I said "hello" a couple of times, there was no response and since I didn’t want to be an eavesdropper, I decided to hang up. But being as curious as I am, I was left wondering what that might have been – images of maybe a possible hostage situation with the guy dialling his phone out to the first number he could find in memory and keeping it on so that I’d figure out what was happening and call the police, flashes through my mind. But of course, I tell myself that such a thing is just fanciful thinking and dismiss it from my mind. But then, the phone rings again!

I look, and it’s the same guy. I listen, and it’s as before – nobody says anything but I can hear a conversation going on at the other end. I can’t really make out the words but I listen for a little bit longer this time to make sure that nobody seems to be threatening anybody else – just in case that it was indeed a hostage situation since I can’t think of any other reason why I should be called repeatedly. I then think that maybe his son or daughter got hold of the phone and is playing with it. Or that it’s in his pocket and the redial button(s) had been pressed twice by accident. I’m not satisfied with any of the explanations but since there is no answer, I hung up again. And there were no more calls after that – so I guess I’ll just chalk that up to a bit of weirdness … unless I learn otherwise later on …

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