December 31, 2008

Tweets for 2008-12-31

  • Bah, I hate web hosts who will not allow you to override PHP configuration settings! #
  • The Sri Lankan government is so bogus – two weeks after the budget they suddenly realize that there’s an economic crisis and come up with >> #
  • << a mini-budget to give relief to the people. They’re even going to “make sacrifices” for the people … probably will have one less >> #
  • << 5-star meal everyday for their part … #
  • Oh, wait. Maybe they meant “they are going to sacrifice the people” – that actually sounds more like it actually 😀 #
  • Extra, extra: Terry Pratchett to receive knighthood as part of the new year’s honours list! #
  • Installing Windows 7 in a VM. Let’s see how this baby does compared to Vista 🙂 #
  • Windows 7 feels as if this is the release that Vista should have been – lots of little fixes and tweaks that make Windows easier to use … #
  • We watched “Dishyum” and “Transformers” earlier today. Now to see if “Santosh Subramaniyam” has sub-titles … #
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