December 21, 2008

Tweets for 2008-12-21

  • Wonder if the Internet issues with cut cables are over. Hope at least one more cable is back in operation because yesterday was bad … #
  • Was testing a bunch of different ways to do custom Chrome in Adobe AIR yesterday. Hope to implement one in #Birdie sometime today … #
  • Finally got custom chrome skinning on #Birdie working (almost) the way I want. 2-3 days of research and testing. Was it worth it? We’ll see. #
  • Hmm … Internet appears to have slowed down again. Guess everybody in Sri Lanka is up now 😀 #
  • About 3 days after the Internet outages started, I get an SMS news alert about the cables being cut. Well done! The news, it’s piping hot!! #
  • “Something, Something … Enakkum, Onakkum” was great! Even better than “Chillunnu Oru Kadhal”. Good to see two good Tamil movies together. #
  • OK, we’re going to watch “X-File” (singular) – at least, that’s what it says on the DVD menu. Guess, they must’ve lost a bunch of the files. #
  • So far, “X-File” has been really slow. Guess the missing files are affecting the momentum of the movie 😀 #
  • Well, that was more of an “Ex-File” rathan than an “X-File” – total waste of time and brain cells 😀 #
  • Watched part of “My Name is Bruce” to wash the taste of “X-Files” off my mind – and thsi movie should do the trick since it’s horribly bad:p #
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