December 14, 2008

Tweets for 2008-12-14

  • My KDE became unusable under VMWare after I did some graphical setting changes 🙁 Good thing is that I was able to get it back up fast. #
  • Lots of stuff to do all at once. A client had a weird Joomla error which turned out to be caused by a module. Site was down till I found it. #
  • Now finally some time to relax since the site is back up and I’m running a backup on the client site. Off to pray and then perhaps some TV. #
  • OK, last episode of “Supernatural” season 3. Time to finish watching it … #
  • I like the new Thunderbird 3 beta 1. Somehow the mail composition window looks cleaner and crisper than Thunderbird 2. No idea why though 🙂 #
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