December 12, 2008

Tweets for 2008-12-12

  • We’re back in Colombo after 4-5 days. Time to get going on all the stuff that I couldn’t attend to while out of town 🙂 #
  • Yeah, 80’s music rocks! 😀 #
  • Directory Opus ( is still the best Explorer replacement out there 🙂 Just upgraded to 9.x after being a long-time 8.x usr #
  • Downloading Linux Mint 6.0 RC. Let’s see how Linux works after giving it a rest for a few years 🙂 #
  • wkTask looks like a good replacement for several other Windows Mobile apps that I use including Batti and SPB Pocket Plus - #
  • Load on server climbed through the roof. Killed Apache and mySQL and restarted and everything’s fine. Wonder what went on? #
  • Installing Linux Mint 6 RC on VMWare at the moment. So far it looks rather minimalistic but the graphics certainly has improved. #
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