May 18, 2001

Sometimes I don’t pay attention to the documentation either :p I had read on Adam Lock’s Mozilla Control site that I had to register the Mozilla control (mozctl.dll) using the Mozctlx.dll but I forgot all about it! Or maybe that was an alternate way to register initially but they made it the default for Mozilla 0.9 since I see that he made the final update asking users to use Mozctlx.dll to register only on the 12th of April and that was after I had created the Mozilla lite distro for Mozilla 0.8 … I don’t really know anymore 🙂 Anyway, for all of the Mozilla 0.9 users out there, that’s the way to get Mozilla 0.9 to work with Scope – run regsvr32.exe and register Mozctlx.dll … as simple as that …

I did download Mozilla 0.9 source a couple of days ago but didn’t get around to compiling it till yesterday since I was working on something else which would also probably turn into an app that I will feature here though I probably won’t do anymore updating on it <g> This mystery app is simply a way for people to be able to print one or more HTML files from the command line 🙂 Somebody at work needed it for something they were doing and when I searched the web for a suitable utility, the only ones I was able to find were all shareware and so in my continuing quest to put all shareware authors out of business <vbg> I decided to write my own. Plus, the ones I found on the web wouldn’t handle CSS and the files that my colleague wanted to print contained style sheets – so I did need to write it 🙂 Anyway, I call the app WebPrint and will probably put it up sometime this weekend … if I don’t get run out of my home that is …

I live in a mobile home community (yeah, that’s a fancy way to say trailer park <vbg>) and they sent me a letter telling me to fix certain things around the place AND to pain my double-wide under penalty of legal action! I pay them rent for the land and I own the double-wide, who the heck are they to tell me what to do with my own home!! Sometimes, I just wanna dump all of this and go back to Sri Lanka where things are so much less hassle :p

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