May 15, 2001

I had originally put up the Mozilla lite distro because I had thought it would be easier for people to download a fairly lightweight install of Mozill instead of the huge full download just to use Mozilla with Scope. But I’ve heard more and more stories about how the Mozill lite distro actually ended up confusing people and so I’ve decided to remove the link from the side-bar. Another reason for this particular decision is the fact that the Mozilla lite distro is based on Mozilla 0.8 and since Mozilla 0.9 is now out, there is the potential for conflicts between different version numbers.

In fact, I heard from a user who couldn’t get Scope to work with Mozilla 0.9 and I’m not sure whether anything has changed in the 0.9 release as far as the Mozilla ActiveX control is concerned and so will have to look into it. Yes, that means I’ll be doing some Scope related work – or at least some code checking in the near future 🙂

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