May 13, 2001

Continued my work on the MIDAS version of Blog and it actually went pretty fast. Initially I’d been a bit hesitant to work on MIDAS because there wasn’t much direct information that I could get my teeth into but once I took a couple of the Delphi demos apart, I understood how it worked. By afternoon, I had most of the code working like a charm … and then I hit a snag :p

The problem was that I couldn’t get any changes or new entries that I made, saved. I kept on trying different approaches till I finally did what I should have done in the first place – checked the web. I found out the cause of the problem almost immediately – I hadn’t set a certain property correcly … duh 🙂 Now that I had the basic stuff working, I decided to take a break and do other stuff like cooking and watching this movie on the Sci-Fi channel about aliens in Roswell (no I’m not talking about “Roswell” – that’s on WB and on Mondays :p).

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