May 12, 2001

Wasn’t really in the mood to code since I am still feeling sleep-deprived <vbg> So did everything except code most of the day – I went out and bought some more DVD’s to add to my collection, really got into “Unicorn Point” which is the fifth book in the Apprentice-Adept series and watched a couple of movies on DVD. I loved one of the early John Woo movies from his Hong Kong period – the one where he introduced Chow Yun Fat 🙂 I love those blood-drenched action flicks :p

Finally got around to working on some code and found out why I was putting off working on Blog :p The MidWare code was being really difficult and it had looked as if I was within sight of completing the initial work on Blog CS (I have decided to call this vesion Blog CS for Client-Server <g>). I couldn’t get a simple login dialog working fine with the existing MidWare framework :p I finally gave up in disgust and decided to recode everything in MIDAS and by the time I went to bed, I had quite a bit of the MIDAS stuff in place …

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