May 11, 2001

I received another Powered by Blog button from sinesolis today – geez, that guy’s indefatigable 🙂 And he promises to do some more buttons – thanks for all the hard work sinesolis! Here’s his latest creation:

On a completely unrelated note, has anybody else heard about/been following the game surrounding the upcoming Spielberg movie AI? It seems to be a total multimedia experience like what they did to promote The Blair Witch Project but at a much deeper and more all-encompassing level. It had all started with the trailer for AI and then had gone on to include phone calls, faxes, e-mails, dozens of websites and much much more! I really like how the story is turning out in the game since it is pretty engrossing – plus, I guess I have this habit of half-believing what’s on websites and so the whole story in a sense seems very real 🙂 Anyway, if you haven’t heard about and would like to see the story unfold, the best place to start is The Guide Be warned though, The Guide is actually a guide to what has happened so far and reads a lot like a story – if you want to actually play the game, The Guide might spoil your fun because it is sort of like a walkthrough ….

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