May 10, 2001

Sinesolis had made a great looking Powered by Blog button for me that he sent to me yesterday. Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of e-mail systems, I did not receive the button he sent me the last time but he sent it again and I finally got it. I really like it and if anybody out there is currently using Blog to update their site, I’d appreciate if you displayed this button on your site with a link to mine 🙂 Here’s the button (I’ll put up a permanent link by and by …)

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I’ve received a couple of responses with regards to my rant yesterday … and no, none of them were negative :p But I must iterate again that it was not meant as an attack on any of the users who are anxious about further development on Scope or anybody in particular for any reason 🙂 It was simply a statement of the frustration that I feel sometimes that I am not really making a difference with the stuff that I code, I guess – and of course, also an explanation of why (or how) I devote time to a specific project …

But enough of that 🙂 There’s quite a few other things that I wanted to mention that I didn’t get to because I went on and on with my rant yesterday :p One thing is that I’ve received quite a few e-mails about the fact that people can’t always access the downloads from the Tripod site. This seems to be an issue with Tripod and all I can suggest is that you use one of the mirror sites … But that brings up a little problem with one of the mirror sites <vbg> I seem to be having some sort of an IP caching issue with the Nortiq mirror site since I am behind a firewall at work. The site that I see both through my browser and FTP is different at work as opposed to home … So I have stopped trying to update the Nortiq mirror for the time being and so that leaves you with only one mirror site but that should hopefully be enough 🙂

On the coding front, I actually went back to my MidWare based code for the client-server model for Blog and was able to fix most of the problems! Guess a little time away from code can sometimes help <g> So I am currently planning on completing the version, give it to my uber-beta tester Jugg <g> and see what comes up … Since the client-server version is a bit bulkier than I had originally anticipated and since it involves running two different executables, I am actually thinking of retaining the single-user version separately for people who want to run Blog on one machine and don’t want to maintain a shared journal/site. This might end up in a bit of mess since I will have to maintain two sets of code for essentially the same program but it might be worth it …

The Screen Savers say that they are going to have a new segment called Download of the Day which would feature free programs. Now if any of you is so inclined <vbg> you can e-mail them to let them know about Scope (or for that matter Blog – if you use it …) 🙂 So why aren’t I doing it myself? Mostly because I wouldn’t have the enthusiasm you would have and I don’t feel like blowing my own horn :p

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