May 8, 2001

Guess what? Proving once again that I cannot estimate time-related matters correclty, I got my copy of Delphi Enterprise yesterday 🙂 I had thought that it would take at least two more weeks for met get my hands on it but the postal service for once decided to give me a pleasant surprise I guess <g> Anyway, since I have Delphi Enterpirse, I do intend to go back to the client-server version of Blog and see whether it would make sense to rewrite it in MIDAS … Of course, as luck would have it, I’m kind of being buried alive at work with a number of projects and so it probably will be slow going for me but I do hope to know whether MIDAS is the approach I should take by the end of the week when I should have a little time for coding 🙂

Of course, I’ve already installed Delphi Enterprise (I’m impatient what can I say? <vbg>) but haven’t had the time to really play with any of the MIDAS stuff. As you may recall, I’ve already made quite a bit of progress with the client-server model using MidWare and if it looks as if MIDAS isn’t that much of an improvement over MidWare, I might just stick with MidWare since there wouldn’t be as much coding to do … I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ..

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